20 healthy habits to improve your life

We all know that eating healthy is a great way to improve your life. However there are many other ways we take on toxins and stresses in our lives, which result in weight gain and inflammation. The more toxins and stresses you can remove from your life, the easier it is to loose weight, have a better digestion, feel more energy and vibrancy.

Although not mentioned in this list, negative thoughts are also a part of toxicity in your life. Negative thoughts leads to disease in the body and vice versa. Also clutter in your house, messy finances; they all play a part.

Here are 20 things you can do to improve your health. I have added links for extra information on the subject.

1. Chemical Perfumes, Fragrances and Sprays (replace for organic versions or essential oils) –https://bit.ly/3c7mzgp

2. Microwave (destroy and recycle it) – https://tinyurl.com/4djetrjx

3. Teflon Pans (use stainless steel and cast iron pans) –https://bit.ly/2VjJ6ko

4. Fluoride Tooth Pastes (use fluoride free) – https://bit.ly/2PmULLg and https://bit.ly/2SZmcNs

5. Tattoos and Piercings (stop doing this) – https://bit.ly/2HW2R9y and https://bit.ly/3a8VSq1 and https://bit.ly/3ci5MaK

6. Fabric Softener (stop using or use natural options) –https://bit.ly/3ag7p75

7. Stale and Uncirculated Air Inside The Home (open the windows often) – https://cnb.cx/32BPJ3b

8. Toxic housecleaning products (change for organic versions) –https://bit.ly/3ag7p75

9. Getting up too early or too late (get up with the sun) – https://tinyurl.com/tbbr937c

10. Staying up after 10.30 pm (be in bed by 10 pm, see point 9)

11. Mercury fillings (replace for white resin) – https://bit.ly/2HQb13j and https://bit.ly/3c4Jf12

12. Plastic Food Containers (use glass) – https://bit.ly/2VfFKPf

13. All Medications; prescription and over the counter (get healthy so you can reduce or eliminate all medications) – https://bit.ly/39YKzAw and https://bit.ly/38UiMkA

14. Wireless Routers, headphones, cellphones (turn off all wireless devices before bed, hard line the router ) – https://bit.ly/2v3nLRx

15. Sunglasses – (wear them less or not at all) –https://bit.ly/3aaCdWL

16. Smoking (just quiet) – https://tinyurl.com/4cermd4w

17. Cheap or low quality supplements, protein powders etc (buy organic or whole food sources) –https://bit.ly/3c9WBJa

18. Chlorine In Tap Water and Swimming Pools (swim outside in natural water, drink spring water to drink, get filter for shower head) – https://tinyurl.com/p4ydkjze

19. Toxic Conventional Sunscreens (use non-toxic versions or not at all) – https://bit.ly/2TeW7J5

20. Over exercising (listen to your body) – https://bit.ly/3a8f6vZ

These items causes disease, weight gain, self-sabotage and more because they stress the body. A body under stress releases cortisol which increases fat gain, water retention and brain damage. Now each item on the list doesn’t have to be that dangerous for your health. However you can see that a build up of items on the list can increase the toxic load on the body. I haven’t even mentioned all the toxins in food, GMO’s, alcohol, coffee, junk food, soda’s and chocolate.

When we look at our lives it is not so much the question what I can take to solve this or improve that? It is more what can I get rid off. Letting go of stuff, bad habits, toxins, stresses etc. Make space in your life for health and beauty.

Go over the list and see what you can remove or do less of to improve your lifestyle.