5 things that makes you gain weight

There is so much focus these days on what foods to eat or not to eat in order to avoid gaining weight. If the concept of calories in, calories out would be correct than the following 5 items shouldn’t make you gain weight. But they do.

1. Diet coke is proven to gain weight without any calories.

2. Certain medication, the most used ones, are causing massive weight gain, yet again no calories.

3. Stress is of course well known for causing weight gain, due to cortisol.

4. Lack of sleep causes weight gain.

5. Coffee causes weight gain. Especially if you take it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

In general if the body is toxic it holds on to water to dilute the toxins and prefers to stores them in body fat to protect the body. Toxins like preservatives in food, non organic foods that has been sprayed with chemicals, cooking in teflon pans, cleaning products, toxic personal care products and so on.

It is just that focussing solely on food or calories only gets you so far. There are more pieces to the puzzle.

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