A weight loss secret with amazing effect

In today’s world weight loss is mostly approached by focussing on food intake, calorie counting, sleep and exercise. Not often attention is put on what you say to yourself and how your mind works.

Very often you hear the phrase “I just can’t let go of or get rid of the extra weight”. What you say to yourself can actually effect you on a lot of fronts. These people have also issues with letting go of the past, old clothes, clearing out the garage, painful memories etc. It is interesting to see how not letting go can effects you as well on other levels in your life. Often they also experience issues with constipation. Not being able to let go of the waste. It is the same programming that is running your life on a subconscious level.

The way to change the programming is going from not being able to let go of to being able to let go of. So start by clearing your closets, your garage of old stuff and things you no longer need. The physical action is a good start that will effect your mental, emotional and spiritual state as well. Stop reliving the past, let go of old believes, be open to the flow of life. When things start moving, your physical state will reflect your mental state. Reset your mental programming by taking action.

You’ll be amazed what a positive change this makes in your life and your weight.

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