About me

I was born in the Netherlands and worked for most of my life in corporate businesses as a Personal assistant, office manager and HR manager.

In my spare time you could find me in the gym. I loved lifting weights and how it makes you stronger. So I got all the certifications and started giving groups classes. I did that for many years.

In my early forties I wanted to get away for a while from the 9 to 5 regime and reconnect with nature, so I left the Netherlands and travelled through the UK, Germany and France for a few years doing voluntary work. After a while I found a nice place in the UK where I settled down and got back into the 9 to 5 regime.

Exercise and health have always been my passions and I wanted to go back to teaching. So I got my Personal Trainer and Health coaching certificates again. This time internationally certified, so I can practice from anywhere.

Still there was something missing. So many people can’t stick to a healthy lifestyle or change their life for the better. I knew it well having sabotaged my health many times. Also I tried to set up several businesses but they never came off the ground. So I knew self sabotage is key to unlocking your potential.

Now that I am a certified self sabotage coach, I’d like to show others how they can get unstuck and create permanent change. Not only does this improve your health, but also your wealth, career, love life and so much more.

Looking forward working with you.

Esther de Kruijff
Personal trainer & Self sabotage health coach