Are you aware of how you are being programmed (part 1)

People often wander why they can’t stop the self-sabotage. Knowing how the minds works, is that we live for around 95% through our subconscious mind and not our conscious mind, as many people belief. The subconscious mind is where old memories and your habits are stored. The subconscious mind is trying to keep you safe by following what the herd does. We come from a tribal way of living and the ways of the tribe kept you safe. Going out on your own can be life threatening. That is why the subconscious mind is always taking note of what the majority of the people want and does.

We all know how advertising works. The more you hear and see the product advertised, the more it becomes familiar to you and you will relate to it. Even if you never want to buy the product, you’ll still remember the brand. You may even suggest the product to others, if they are interested in it. With a high volume of views (repetition) of the product you are being programmed to like the product and are stimulated to buy it.

Then why won’t you think that TV series and movies are there to program your mind as well? Social media does the same, but I want to focus on TV and movies for the moment. You may have noticed that in the last decade there are certain themes which pop up in movies, which weren’t so noticeable as before. The so called woke agenda is hard to miss and most people don’t like it. Netflix, Disney and the movies are all dealing with a huge decline in customers. A good development. However the programming has been going on for a long time. In almost every movie or TV series you will find the following components.

1. Coffee aka caffeine.

You will see a coffee mug, coffee machine, coffee establishment or someone drinking coffee practically in every show. The coffee plant is the most heavily sprayed with toxins. Caffeine will diminish blood flow to the brain by 52%. That means that you are not only getting enough oxygen to the brain, also all the toxins in the brain are staying there for too long. Caffeine will fry your adrenal system and keep you in a constant state of emergency. It lowers testosterone, increases hot flashes, enhances anxiety and depression. That is only the short list. Read Caffeine Blues by Stephen Cherniske if you are interested in the long list. The TV series Friends was staged in a coffee shop. The movie Fight Club is a great movie about anti conformity, however the movie is full with signs of Starbucks coffee. Starbucks went almost bankrupt in the 80’s. Who came to the rescue? Bill Gates’ father. That alone should be a big red flag.

2. Alcohol

In almost every movie, people are drinking wine or other alcohol. You see wine glasses, alcohol bottles everywhere. Not only used by the main characters, but also subliminal staged at the background. Your conscious mind won’t notice it, but your subconscious mind does. It all gets stored. And when you find yourself in the same situation, like having dinner, parties, feeling stressed, socialising, you would want a drink as well. How often do people say; “oh, I need a drink”, after a stressful day or situation. Where does that phrase come from? From your TV and movie screens. Alcohol causes brain damage, increases anxiety and depression. If you watch the trailer of Dirty Grandpa you see so much alcohol impressions in only about 4 minutes. The movies lasts 1.5 hour. What do you think that will do to you?

3. Smoking

Did you know that tobacco advertising on TV was banned in 1965 in the UK? In 2003 it was banned from the press and on billboards. However it is still prevalent in movies and TV series. Actors are getting handsomely paid for smoking in movies. In this article Smoking movies in 2020 you can read the impact smoking had during the lockdown, when people were binge watching.

4. Junk food

And let’s not forget junk food. Especially if there are kids in the movie or TV series. Kids are always associated with junk food and sodas. Cereals for breakfast, fast food restaurants or just images of fast food restaurants in the background. The hot dog stand, the doughnuts.

Most of you won’t notice half of the time all these products, symbols and behavior on your screen. If it is in the background or right in your face. It has become a way of living of the majority of the people unfortunately. What you see on the screen becomes real in today’s life.

When you are trying to change your life around by following a healthy lifestyle, you are influenced by what you see on the screens. No wonder that you can’t stick to a healthy lifestyle. You are bombarded with images of the opposite. You need to fill your mind with positive imagery of healthy people, healthy lifestyles. Listen to positive podcasts. Find a community online that supports your goals.

Watch the coming weeks your TV series and movies and write down how many images you’ll see of coffee, tea, chocolate, alcohol, smoking and junk food. Watch closely because a lot of it is in the background. Then hopefully you know what you need to do to turn your life around.

Next time I’ll address other messages that are hidden or not so hidden in movies and TV series, that influences your behavior.

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