Inspirational organic shirt shop

Spring is here and it is time to check your wardrobe. It is time to treat yourself with some new shirts. Check out my new website: for inspirational t-shirts and hoodies. These shirts are made to empower you. To change your life for the better. And to be an inspiration for others. New habits are created by repetition. Seeing […]

How your life is being programmed (part 2)

Besides the unhealthy substances which are heavily promoted in movies and TV series (read here for part 1), there are several other themes that are portrayed in movies which influences your mindset and lifestyle. 1. The poor agenda Being poor is being celebrated, while the rich are depicted as being bad, greedy and horrible people. Being a nasty person has […]

You ARE the treat

It is so ingrained in our society and upbringing to have treats. A treat is something special that you give to yourself or others. You give yourself a treat when you think you have earned it, because you worked hard. You think you need it because you had a fight with a friend, something happened to you which wasn’t fair, […]

Get out of the punishment trap

There is nothing wrong with celebrating and feasting in December. If your body is healthy it can handle that. Xmas is however only one day but most people feast the whole month of December. Office parties, friends parties, seeing family and parents. No wonder that people get sick. It is too much drinking and eating the wrong stuff on an […]

Cut the crap

If you want to move forward in life, you need to cut the crap out of your life. So often we settle for good in stead of being great. We see how far we can get away with things. We want to be in great shape but still we have cheat days, cheat meals or drinking alcohol regularly. We exercise […]

The dangers of food identity

There are so many videos online of people confessing that they are no longer vegan, keto, carnivore or what ever diet they identified themselves with. I call it confession because that is what it looks like. People confessing to a priest or coming out of the closet to your parents during the 80’s. It is that painful to watch. Some […]

Smoking and self sabotage

Nicotine is a painkiller and just like alcohol, sugar and junk food it numbs the pain of your life. Everyone knows that smoking isn’t good for your health. People blame the cigarettes for being addictive, but it is the numbing of pain that is the real addiction. When people get courages and quit smoking, they often replace the smoking with […]