Protein bars

Protein bars are great for on the go, as a snack or when travelling. However most protein bars are just junk food. Read the labels. It often contains soy protein, sugars and all kinds of chemical flavors and preservatives. If you make them yourselves you control the ingredients and they taste a lot better as well. These bars are delicious […]

10 things you do not know about coffee

Coffee is often portrait as a healthy drink to kick start your day. However nothing could be further from the truth. Recently I read the book “Caffeine Blues” by Stephen Cherniske. I was a bit shocked about the health implications coffee and caffeine have. Here are just 10 reasons to quit your coffee, but there are a lot more explained […]

Do you want to stop overeating?

First Stop eating junk food and putting poisons in your body (coffee, alcohol, junk food, tap water etc.). Eat organic food as much as possible. Never use a microwave for your food, organic or not. It creates Frankenstein food which your body doesn’t recognize. You need to give your body real nutrition. When it is nourished it will tell you […]

Take charge of your health

Last week it was announced that there is a waiting list of 12 million people in the UK. A lot of postponed surgeries are for hips and knees. Issues that are often caused by accidents, sport activities or being overweight. It is really amazing. It is almost a fifth of the population. It will only become worse because the NHS […]

Nourish your body with old fashion porridge

At the moment I am having a porridge phase. Normally I would be more into smoothies at this time of the year, but with the weather lately I am still on porridge. I transitioned from oatmeal to steelcut oats, also called pinheads. They are the most unprocessed kind of oats and have therefore more nutritional value. You do have to […]

Nutrition for the mind

When we are on our journey to improve our health, we often forget to look at the nutrition we put into our minds. No, this is not about carbs or fats, this is about mental food. The things you listen to and watch every day, all day, affects your health as well. There is a never ending buffet of fear […]

Use real cinnamon to manage blood sugar levels

Cinnamon is a great spice and loved by many. It is a warming spice with lots of health benefits. It has a bit of a sweet taste that makes oatmeal porridge, apple pancakes and fruit in general just taste better without having to add any sugar. Cinnamon helps to stabilize blood sugar levels, has anti inflammatory properties, is loaded with […]

Walking for physical and mental health

Spring has finally arrived. Coming weekend, 28th March, the Summer time starts again and that means longer light in the evenings. That alone already gets you into a better mood. Also it is nice to go for a walk after dinner. Walking has proved to be a great remedy for physical and mental health. Studies have shown that I can […]