5 ways to improve your energy

1. Drink more water. Your body is made of about 70% of water. A reduction of your optimal water levels by a few percent will directly reduces your energy greatly. Lots of diseases are linked to dehydration as well, like headaches, obesity, muscle cramping, high blood pressure, urine infection and more. Drinking coffee dehydrates you as well as alcohol, but […]

Walking for physical and mental health

Spring has finally arrived. Coming weekend, 28th March, the Summer time starts again and that means longer light in the evenings. That alone already gets you into a better mood. Also it is nice to go for a walk after dinner. Walking has proved to be a great remedy for physical and mental health. Studies have shown that I can […]

The benefits of skipping

A great way to work on your conditioning is skipping. Mostly used in the martial arts and cross fit community, but skipping is good for everybody; young and old. It is something what you did as a child but then it sort of got lost. And it is not something you have to do for an hour, like you see […]

Revival of the kettlebell

In the 90’s Pavel Tsjaouline brought the kettlebell training to America and it became a big hit. It reached Europe as well and for a period it was very popular. Now you’ll see kettlebells in mostly every gym, although not many people use them or use them only occasionally in their training. However the current situation has changed that and […]