17 Techniques of mind control

How sure are you that your beliefs and opinions are your own? Did you do any research? Where did you hear it from? Was it from the news, the government, an expert, your doctor, a scientist. They must tell the truth, don’t they. They have your best interest at heart. Oh yeah? I know asking yourself these questions, can drive […]

Stop blaming others

These days there is a trend for making other people responsible for your health. If you are not masked up and keep your distance, you can expect a nasty comment or shouted at. “I don’t want to get sick” I heard someone say the other day, telling other people to mask up. The lady in question considers herself “vulnerable” and […]

Do you want to stop overeating?

First Stop eating junk food and putting poisons in your body (coffee, alcohol, junk food, tap water etc.). Eat organic food as much as possible. Never use a microwave for your food, organic or not. It creates Frankenstein food which your body doesn’t recognize. You need to give your body real nutrition. When it is nourished it will tell you […]

Nutrition for the mind

When we are on our journey to improve our health, we often forget to look at the nutrition we put into our minds. No, this is not about carbs or fats, this is about mental food. The things you listen to and watch every day, all day, affects your health as well. There is a never ending buffet of fear […]

Walking for physical and mental health

Spring has finally arrived. Coming weekend, 28th March, the Summer time starts again and that means longer light in the evenings. That alone already gets you into a better mood. Also it is nice to go for a walk after dinner. Walking has proved to be a great remedy for physical and mental health. Studies have shown that I can […]

A different approach to New Year resolutions

The start of a new year always brings some excitement with it. New expectations. What will this year bring us. If we watch the news it doesn’t look that there is much to be excited about. However change starts within us and as we change to become a better human, the world will become a better place as well. It […]