Do you want to stop overeating?


Stop eating junk food and putting poisons in your body (coffee, alcohol, junk food, tap water etc.). Eat organic food as much as possible. Never use a microwave for your food, organic or not. It creates Frankenstein food which your body doesn’t recognize. You need to give your body real nutrition. When it is nourished it will tell you to stop eating. As long as you put junk it in, it doesn’t feel nourished so it tells you to keep on eating.


Start accepting and loving yourself. You are unique and an amazing person. There is only one of you with all your unique talents. Look at your pain, feel it. Stop numbing the pain with poisons. Ignoring it will only make it stronger. It is your soul talking to you to pay attention and start healing your pain. Use the pain to change your life around. Step by step, day by day. Remember life is about progression, not about perfection.


When you start love yourself, you’ll be able to get out of that destructive relationship that is going nowhere. You can quiet the job you hate and find a better one or start your own business. You can get back in shape and stay healthy. You need to create your own happiness. Happiness is an inner feeling. It is not someone else’s responsibility nor can someone else make you happy. It’s up to you. Start dreaming again. Dream big. And then take action.

When you get back control over your own life and love yourself, you won’t feel the need to hurt yourself any more by overeating or any other self destructive behaviour for that matter.

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