Frying your brain

Everywhere you go these days you see people with ear plugs in, or air pods as they are called. They are handy because you don’t have any fuss with wires that get stuck between your clothes or get caught on door knobs. However handy comes with a high price, because you are frying your brain with radiation.

If science already has proven that using your phone close to your ear can damage your brain and increases the risk of cancer, what will you think air pods do? Your brain is caught between two devices that sends out WIFI signals constantly. If you think it is harmless and not much to worry about, watch this video.

Realise that people using their air pods in for hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. They use it in the gym, on public transport, in the car, walking on the street, in restaurants, using their phone, shops you name it. People need constant noise. Noise to distract them from what?

This goes of course hand in hand with the mobile phone. Now they don’t see or hear their surroundings or other people. With over 7 billion people on this planet, loneliness is at an all time high, because people staring at their phone all day, even in company and having air pods in. They are no longer available for real contact and connection. This behaviour fits into the same category as using alcohol, smoking, junk food and drugs. Numbing yourselves from real live, from your problems, your pain, your failures. What you think are failures. It is just feedback.

So you think frying your brain is the solution? Stop hurting yourself. Stop sabotaging yourself. Be open and connect with others. Become brave and connect with yourself. You need silence for that. Look at your pain and start making changes. To begin with. Get some air tube headphones.