How does overcoming self-sabotage coaching work?

Let’s first start with what is self-sabotage? Self sabotage is any behaviour by which a person destroys or inhibits their own potential for being the best they can be, without really understanding why they are doing it. It often shows up as addictions or in destructive behaviour.

Starting a new diet regime, losing 30 pounds and gaining it all back months later. Drinking and watching Netflix all the time and don’t have the time or energy to work on your goals or work on your career. Attracting the same disastrous relationship over and over again. Always creating or attracting some chaos in your life. It is like climbing out of a hole but losing grip and falling back in it over and over again and not getting anywhere.

How to break free from this, you’ll need to learn the following;

  • how the brain works and how it is complicit in self-sabotaging behaviour,
  • how your health affects your self-sabotage
  • through an in-depth questionnaire show you where you are self sabotaging in your life
  • how you can end the self-sabotage cycle with a personalized action plan.

Overcoming self-sabotage is highly effective for anyone who wants to:

  • be in great physical shape and stay that way
  • be free from addictions
  • improve their health
  • have better relationships with themselves and the people around them
  • become more confident and happier
  • have the courage to start their own business
  • improve their career
  • get their finances in order
  • achieve their goals and dreams

How does the coaching process work?

  • I send you an in-depth questionnaire which shows your self-sabotaging behaviours and belief systems.
  • After you send back the questionnaire, I’ll send a selection of short videos for you to watch. This will prepare you for our coaching sessions.
  • When you have watched the videos we set up our first coaching session through Zoom or Skype. We start with a special opening ceremony to break the ice. In these sessions we discuss your self-sabotaging behaviours, where it is coming from and how you can come overcome it.
  • We have in total 2 sessions of 1.5 hour each, 1 week apart.
  • When our sessions are completed I’ll send you all the tools you need to overcome your self-sabotage. This includes the recordings of the sessions, a personalized hypnotherapy session and hand made “wall art” that will help you with the subconscious programming.

To work one-on-one with me it costs £499 in full, paid via Paypal or by bank transfer, before we start the coaching. Coaching is subject to availability. You can contact me for a free 15 minute coaching call or you can register immediately and I’ll send you the questionnaire straight away. Email me at

I am looking forward to working with you. It will change your life.

Have a great day.