How to make New Years Resolutions work

Lots of people stopped making New Years resolutions because they know already that they can’t stick to them. It often starts with a strict new diet or rigid exercise regime. People often make them after weeks of overeating and drinking during the festive holidays. So they go from one extreme to another and then they fail. They start their new resolutions with willpower, but willpower only lasts so long. Even goals like starting a new business, beginning with meditation, learning a new language or whatever you want to achieve. It takes practise, time and perseverance. And there will be bumps up the road. That’s life. That’s inevitable like Mr. Smith says in the Matrix movie.

Giving up on making goals for the New Year is giving up on yourself. You give away your power and your life will be determined by following the drum of the subconscious mind. A subconscious mind which is mostly programmed these days by TV, media and the internet. What you see is what you get. What you see is destruction, violence, childlike behaviour, harming yourself with coffee, alcohol, junk food, cigarettes, sexual misconduct, mediaocracy and a constant stream of fear. The fear is paralysing and it overrides your conscious mind. Drugs, coffee, alcohol, junk food and medication all numbs the mind. A mind you need to make wise decisions with and to override the daily programming from your environment.

Some people find making New Resolutions this time of year silly, because you can set new goals anytime of the year. That is true. However the Winter time is a strong period to start new projects, especially between the Winter Solstice and the New Year. It is the birth of the new sun, a new beginning. It is a time to reflect on the past year and to look within. To see what worked and things you might want to change. To start new projects, to create new ideas. Ideas need time to grow and to develop.

Most people hate the Winter period because it is cold, dark and nothing seems to happen. But that is because the growth is on the inside. Energy is building up and when in Spring the sun shines and water falls, nature comes to life and shows its beauty. Beauty that was laying dormant and was building up its energy. It’s when your ideas and goals come to the surface due to constant focus and action. The Winter period is a time to work on yourself.

To make New Years resolutions work, you need to know how the subconscious mind works because we live our lives 95% through the subconscious mind. Understanding the subconscious mind and how to program it into success, is vital for making your resolutions work. You need to see the outcome and feel it everyday. Repetition is the key.

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Have a great New Year.