How your life is being programmed (part 2)

Besides the unhealthy substances which are heavily promoted in movies and TV series (read here for part 1), there are several other themes that are portrayed in movies which influences your mindset and lifestyle.

1. The poor agenda

Being poor is being celebrated, while the rich are depicted as being bad, greedy and horrible people. Being a nasty person has nothing to do with being poor or rich. There are as many nasty poor or rich people around. However this theme runs through many movies. The Titanic movie is a great example. Jack is poor and ends up on the third class on the ship. Rose is rich and very bored and her fiancé Cal is rich and a nasty guy. So Rose starts hanging out with Jack on the third class, because they sing and dance and have so much more fun. Why pursue becoming rich, being independent and being able to help others if you turn into a bad person? Why not stay poor and be more honorable and good person? Staying poor makes you more easily to be manipulated, because you need a job and money to life and to be safe.

2. The feminization of men

It is not just because of an estrogen overload (due to alcohol, plastics, toxins, pill excretion in tap water etc) that men become more feminized, it is for decades portrayed in movies and TV series. Men are behaving like kids, weak, emotional, demoralised and you can no longer rely on them. They are weaker than females in many ways. In the latest Matrix movie Neo, who was The One in the previous movies, is now overshadowed by Trinity. In the Simpsons the women are the smart and strong ones; the men are acting like buffoons. Most Adam Sandler movies are like that as well. And you can see how this plays out in society. Men are losing their way. Masculinity is considered toxic these days. While what we need now more than ever is strong men. Strong men are the protectors of the tribe. Weak men are easier to control and that is the agenda.

3. The masculinity of women

Women are the new heroes in movies; Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, The Hunger Games, Lucy, Black Widow. There is nothing wrong with strong women. However these days they don’t seem to need men any more. The themes are not strong women next to strong men, it is strong women over powering weak men. There are lots of movies where 50+ kg women beat up 80+ kg men. It is a bit much. The theme here is that women can make it on their own. They don’t need men any more. It often breaks up the family unit. And the kids are the ones who suffer the most. They are often being raised by single mums (which is another agenda) and they miss out on the values and strengths of their dads. Women miss out on a strong ally, a protector, friend and father of their children. In many cases the government takes over that role, which has its own consequences.

4. Fear

If there isn’t already enough fear mentioned in the news, the movies are full of them as well. Horror movies, thrillers, murders, revenge, serial killers, apocalyptic movies, viruses and the list goes on. Constant fear stimulates an overload of stress in your body that lowers your immune system. When you feel weak or hurt, you need the protection of the tribe. In other words you conform with the behavior of the majority of the people. Your subconscious mind is taking over and to keep you safe, you will follow what the majority is doing. Fear puts people in the fight and flight mode and they become more easily manipulated.

There are many more themes and agenda’s in movies and TV series. Viruses & vaccines (World War Z, Contagion, Breakout, Quarantine, I am Legend), Climate change (Interstellar, Snowpiercer, Waterworld, The day after tomorrow), Grooming children (Cuties), Demoralisation (Dirty Grandpa and almost every movie/TV serie you watch) and many more. You may have recognised some yourselves. They are there to disempower you, so that you don’t make any headway to become a strong, stable and self sufficient person.

Be careful what you watch and listen to. Or even better, stop watching and create your best life ever.

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