Make your own chocolate for Valentine’s Day

Not that you need an excuse to make chocolate, but Valentin is a good one none the less. Making your own chocolate is super easy and you can control what kind of ingredients you put in. Store bought chocolate has so much sugar in it, even if you buy the dark one. Making chocolate is super healthy so you can indulge in it every day. And because it is highly nutritious you only need a few pieces to satisfy your chocolate fix.

This recipe is basic and you can play with the amounts to your own taste. You can put the chocolate in a silicon mould or put baking paper in a quiche form and pour the chocolate in there. Freeze it and then break it up in pieces.

What you need for the base:

– ½ cup of raw organic chocolate powder or cacao nibs blended into a powder

– ¼ cup organic maple syrup

– 1 cup raw organic extra virgin coconut oil

– ½ cup almond or cashew butter (is optional in case you have a nut allergy)

You can add more maple syrup if you want it sweeter or less. You just need to play with the amounts.

And to spice it up you can add:

– cinnamon

– mixed spices

– sea salt

– ginger powder

– cayenne pepper (be gentle with this one)

If you make a tablet of chocolate in a quiche form or any other form, you can add:

– walnuts, hazelnuts or any other kind of nut

– goji berries, raisins, dates

– hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds

– anything you fancy

Enjoy and have a great Valentine.