Nutrition for the mind

When we are on our journey to improve our health, we often forget to look at the nutrition we put into our minds. No, this is not about carbs or fats, this is about mental food. The things you listen to and watch every day, all day, affects your health as well. There is a never ending buffet of fear and anxiety projected at you. At night you want to relax and watch Netflix, but often it is just more fear and anxiety. No wonder that you have a hard time falling asleep, losing body fat, having adrenal fatigue or just feel crappy and down.

Exercising and eating healthy food isn’t enough. It’s a great start because it raises your energy. However you need to look at the things you fill your mind with. Watching the news all day drains your energy very quickly. You need to be conscious about what you let into your mind, the same as you need to be conscious about the food you put into your mouth. Junk food doesn’t make you feel great. The same with the daily news. It doesn’t cheer you up.

Furthermore watch your self talk. Is it positive or negative. The body follows the mind. A lot of negative self talk causes additional stress in the body, tight muscles, headaches etc. You can change negative self talk with positive affirmations. And yes, in the beginning it’s a bit fake it till you make it. Say it often enough and you’ll start to believe it. Instead of saying “ I am healthy” when you’re not, say “ I am becoming more healthier day by day”. This is easier for your mind to accept. It takes time though and consistency. It’s like a muscle you need to train daily.

Social media can be another stressor, with likes, dislikes, nasty comments and so much more. There are a lot of studies about the negative effects social media has on people. However it has also lots of creativity, beauty and positivity. Be selective in what you follow and watch.

A great way to bring yourself in balance is to be more in nature or bring nature to you. Do some gardening, go for a walk, sit on the grass in the park. It relaxes you. If you have pets, you know how much joy they give you. Animals can be great fun. Do some art painting or colouring outside. Just looking at beautiful pictures before you go to bed can calm your mind and help you go to sleep.

In short, we need to unplug more. The Summer holidays are approaching quickly now. They will give you a great boost. After that find ways to spend more time in nature. You need it. We all need it.