Revival of the kettlebell

In the 90’s Pavel Tsjaouline brought the kettlebell training to America and it became a big hit. It reached Europe as well and for a period it was very popular. Now you’ll see kettlebells in mostly every gym, although not many people use them or use them only occasionally in their training.

However the current situation has changed that and you can see that there is a revival of the kettlebell. It is a great tool for a full body workout, which can be used for cardio conditioning, functional strength, speed, skill, fat burning, mobility, stability and so much more. It is ideal for training at home. You can use it in an apartment without making the neighbours going mad or ruining your floor. You can take it with you while travelling and use it outside. Which is especially nice on a sunny day and getting some Vitamin D at the same time.

It is for all ages and works great on your core. It is doing a 20 minute to 30 minute ab workout without directly training your abs. Great for men who like that chiselled body look like the Greeks. And for females who like to have that “toned” look but also want to be strong. It is functional training all over, works great on your mobility and keeps your shoulders healthy.

If helps you with making every day movements more easily, like lifting up your kids or grand kids, turning and bending, reaching overhead, how to come off the ground. It improves your grip, so carrying shopping and holding on to things.

So get yourself some kettlebells. They last a life time. For women I would advise an 8, 10 and 12 kg kettlebell. For the legs you need a heavier one then for your upperbody. If you are very out of shape start with a 4 or 6 kg. Men can start with 16, 20, 24. And if you very out of shape add a 10 kg one. It ‘s best to practise with a light weight till you’ll have the technique under control and then add more weight.

If you want to know how to use them or need an exercise program, drop me an email.