Stop blaming others

These days there is a trend for making other people responsible for your health. If you are not masked up and keep your distance, you can expect a nasty comment or shouted at. “I don’t want to get sick” I heard someone say the other day, telling other people to mask up. The lady in question considers herself “vulnerable” and […]

Eating according to nature’s cycles

You have probably heard of the expression “ Have breakfast as a King, lunch as a Prince and dinner as a Pauper “. Which means having a good breakfast, make lunch your biggest/heaviest meal of the day and eat light at dinner. This is following the circadium rhythm, which follows the rise and fall of the sun. Having a good […]

10 ways to improve your sleep

Sleep is so essential these days. Most people just don’t get enough of it. And it is not just the amount of sleep but also the quality of sleep that is important. For years I have had issues with sleeping. Not only with falling asleep but also staying asleep. Sometimes I still have periods when my sleep is deprived, but […]