Take charge of your health

Last week it was announced that there is a waiting list of 12 million people in the UK.

A lot of postponed surgeries are for hips and knees. Issues that are often caused by accidents, sport activities or being overweight. It is really amazing. It is almost a fifth of the population. It will only become worse because the NHS has its focus only on one thing. A disease of which 99.7% of the people recover from and more than half the population already has been vaccinated for.

Many doctors surgeries are still not open for normal duty. They work mostly through zoom. How does that work for (elderly) people who are not familiar with zoom or just want to see a doctor in person?

Doctors these days are just sales persons for the pharmaceutical industry. They describe drugs for diseases you can often heal from naturally if you changed your lifestyle. The drugs don’t heal you, they just suppress your symptoms, while creating other symptoms, called side effects. The medication should be temporary until you solved the underlining problem. However there is no incentive to solve the problem therefore medication continues. Of course there are still great doctors out there who do care, but are often unable to provide the care they would like to give.

The pharmaceutical industry is a business. They are not interested in your health, they are interested in making money. Lots of it. What is the best customer; a lifelong customer. How many medications do you have that you need to take for the rest of your life? And how difficult is it to get off some medication because it is highly addictive, like sleeping pills, anti depressants and painkillers?

On the other side lots of people prefer to take some pills, then to change their lifestyle. Changing their lifestyle is uncomfortable and it often takes away their “pleasures” in life. However taking poisons every day is only making you sicker, so you’ll need more poisons. It is a downward spiral that can lead to an early death.

It is more than ever important to take charge of your health. Doing the right exercise, eating mostly organic foods, drink spring water, lower your stress, have love and joy in your life. Stop poisoning yourself with junk food, alcohol, coffee, cigarettes. Heal yourself so you can get off your medications. Educate yourself and look for natural solutions in ancients wisdoms, like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. They have healed most diseases for thousands of years. And maybe you’ll still need a surgery or other help, but at least you have done your part. Take charge now. The medical system is falling apart rapidly.