The weekend saboteur

Weekends are the time when the inner saboteur comes up and trashes your life with alcohol, junk food, drugs, cigarettes, watching endless TV and so on. Why is that? Having time off would mean you can finally work on your dreams, goals and passions. If you hate your job, it is a great time for eduaction and work on yourself to get a better job or start for yourself. You have more time to work on your health if that is your goal. Try new healthy recipes, work out, do stress releasing activities. If your relationship isn’t working you have time to work on it or look for another solution.

But instead of working on our mediocre life and see how we can improve it, we numb the pain with alcohol, coffee, takeaways, movies and partying. Anything we can do to avoid the pain. The pain is considered an enemy. It reminds us of where we failed. But the pain isn’t the enemy. The pain is your friend. It is your soul calling for you that you haven’t failed, you just stopped listening to your inner cosmic GPS. It is your soul calling for you to take action, to change. That there is a better life waiting for you. That pain is your ticket to get out of your miserable, mediocre life.

But instead of listening to their inner soul, people drug themselves with alcohol food, drugs and the likes till it is Monday and they can go back to their busy lives, pretending everything is ok and that they’re living the dream. This goes on week after week after week. Stuck in an endless hamster wheel going nowhere. All the while creating more misery to their lives.

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