Walking for physical and mental health

Spring has finally arrived. Coming weekend, 28th March, the Summer time starts again and that means longer light in the evenings. That alone already gets you into a better mood. Also it is nice to go for a walk after dinner.

Walking has proved to be a great remedy for physical and mental health. Studies have shown that I can help ease depression. It is a great way to clear you mind and get some fresh air if you are stuck at home all day or in the office. There is something about walking that brings you in a meditative state. It decreases anxiety and often you get great ideas or solutions during a walk. Especially if you go into the countryside.

Of course it has also many health benefits for your physic. It can help lower your blood sugar, it strengthens your immune system, you burn calories, it eases joint pain. Walking lubricates the joints and strengthen the leg muscles. And if you are overweight walking is a great tool to start with on your health journey.

Getting a dog is of course one solution for walking more and you get a great friend on top of it. Otherwise be your own best friend and take yourself out for a walk or ask a friend to go with you. Just start slow, start with 10 minutes a day, 3 days a week. And built up from there to at least 30 minutes daily. If you want to challenge yourself a bit more, make it a brisk walk, go longer, do periods of speed walking, do some sprints, wear a backpack with weights or wear a weighted vest.

If you think walking is boring, just listen to some podcasts or audiobooks.

You can do it first thing in the morning, later in the day or split it up to a few short walks a day. Just see what works for you and what fits into your lifestyle. Make it a habit. You will feel so much better doing it.