You ARE the treat

It is so ingrained in our society and upbringing to have treats. A treat is something special that you give to yourself or others. You give yourself a treat when you think you have earned it, because you worked hard. You think you need it because you had a fight with a friend, something happened to you which wasn’t fair, it is that time of the month or any other reason that justifies that you give yourself a treat. It starts when you’re a kid. You get a treat if you fall and hurt your knee. You get a treat when you have good grades or when you get out of school. And we continue this into adulthood.

Nothing wrong with having a treat. It is more what the treat contains. The treat is always carb loaded, like donuts, muffin, chocolate, ice cream, candy and the list goes on. Having a cheat meal or a cheat day is the same thing. A cheat meal is not a delicious broccoli soup, no it is fries, croissants, ice cream, chocolate. And let’s not forget alcohol. How often don’t you hear someone say: “I need a drink”, because they had a bad day.

What all these things have in common, is that they numb your pain. That can be from any physical or emotional pain. Carbohydrates sedate and they give energy, so you feel better for a moment. Alcohol numbs the pain and it affects the brain, so reality isn’t so much in your face.

We also use treats to celebrate. Birthday parties, passing exam, getting promotion and the list goes on. Here again we use loads of junk food to feel happy. The whole McDonalds concept is build on feeling special and happy.

Why not treat yourself on a massage, a sauna, eat lobster, a steak or a big bowl of delicious fresh fruits. Why not treat yourself on a good book, picnic with a friend or with the family. All these things make you happy, lift you up, make you feel better. And they don’t have the bad side effects that junk food, sugar and alcohol have.

It is not your fault. You have been programmed to behave that way. Yes, it starts with your upbringing, but your parents have also been programmed. Programmed by the media, magazines and the TV. Do you really think advertising doesn’t affect you? How else have businesses like McDonalds, Starbucks and soda companies for instance become so huge. TV is a massive mind control tool. It is called TV PROGRAM for a reason. The same with movies. Movies are there to entertain you, you think. Not really, they are to ENTRAIN you to whatever the agenda is. The agenda is not to educate you to become your best self. What you see on TV, you see happening in real life. And it isn’t pretty. Watch with new eyes to your TV and movies and see when alcohol, coffee, junk food pops up and in what kind of settings. Do you relate? Do you see?

Wake up and think about why you are doing what you are doing. Does it make sense to treat yourself with junk food, sugar and alcohol? Not really. You are only hurting yourself more. Stop watching TV or be very selective to what you watch. The same for listening to the radio or any music.

You are a special human being with a limited time on this earth. Treat yourself to become better, become more. Realize that you ARE the treat.